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We have been so impressed as no other company we have ever used has taken their service so personal.
— Jim and Karen Janet,

I have always found them to be accessible and quick to respond to my needs -- whether it’s during regular hours or 10 p.m. on a Saturday night. 
— Glen Johnson,

Their service is excellent, the crew is great and they even answer the phone at all hours and it’s not an answering service.
— George Klein,

"We are really pleased with everything they do and would recommend them in a heartbeat!!"
— Mr. Smythe,
Park Ridge

"They’ve shown up when we’ve had no heat no matter what day it was - they're like our family and I wouldn't trust anyone else and neither would the rest of my family"
— Mrs. Benson,
Arlington Heights

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*Offer valid for new systems or complete system replacements in our territory only.

Warm up with us. Add value, warmth and comfort to your home with a radiant floor heating installation.

Hydronic snowmelt systems and indoor radiant floor heating systems.
Family-Owned and Operated in Chicagoland
Since 1952.

Why install radiant heat Chicago? Your North Shore Chicago and Northwest Chicago suburb home will enjoy many benefits:

  • Better Health. Radiant Heat Chicago reduces dust, pollen and other airborne pollutants found with forced air heating.
  • Value. Comfortable way to dramatically increase your home's value and save money every month.
  • Home improvement. Feature that pays off big dividends down the line.
  • Efficient. Radiant Heat Chicago is much more cost-effective than forced air heating! Save hundreds in utility bills. Electronic time controls let you heat only where and when you want.
  • Invisible. No grates, grilles and ducts showing, creating better aesthetics.
  • Cleaner. Even temperatures throughout the whole house eliminates drafts and dryness.
  • Quiet. No noisy fans blasting.

Why install hydronic radiant floor heating and/or snowmelt systems in your North Shore and Northwest suburb home or business?

  • Radiant floor heating Value.  Add tons of resale value to your home overnight! Radiant heat Chicago floor heating and snowmelt systems add greater resale value for your home. According to Chicago-area realtors, radiant floor systems will increase your home's resale value big time!
  • Comfort.  You will not be disappointed when you experience a toasty comfort level you never thought possible! Customize the heating needs in every room.
  • Efficiency. Radiant heating systems can provide energy savings of more than 10-30% in most residences, and up to 60% in shops, hangars and warehouses!
  • No going back. Once homeowners have experienced the comfort and efficiency of radiant heat Chicago systems, they seldom, if ever, return to conventional heating or cooling systems.
  • Time savings. Ditch the shovels. Snowmelt systems save you time by keeping your driveway clear. Easier on your back too!

Don't wait until it's too cold in your home. Call for your quote today!

  • Add value to your North Shore home
  • Our North Shore and Northwest suburb homeowners save time, save money
  • Work with the trusted professionals at Redi-Heating and Air Conditioning

We want to be your provider of radiant heating and snowmelt systems in the Chicagoland area. Contact us today to get a FREE ESTIMATE* to improve your lifestyle and comfort with radiant heating while dramatically increasing your home's value at the same time. It's time to warm up with us!

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We are positive you will be happy with our installations, service and systems.